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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Don’t invite Trouble
into your House ...
Most parents worry whether their teenager is safe at parties. Some parents mistakenly think it’s safer
to allow teens to hold underage drinking parties in their homes. This is called “social hosting” and in Kansas, it’s illegal. If charged and convicted, it’s a
Class A misdemeanor and a $1000 fine. You may be held liable even if you are not home.
Teens can still have fun and be legal.
Take these steps if the party is at your house:
  • Help your teen plan the party.
  • Invite only a certain number of people.
  • Pass out personalized invitations and don’t invite people via e-mail to avoid “open” parties.
  • Put your phone number on the invitation and welcome calls from parents.
  • Make and enforce a rule against any use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco.
  • Call parents if a teen arrives with alcohol or is under the influence.
  • Designate a start and end time for the party.
  • Secure all forms of alcohol, firearms and other dangerous items in your home.
  • Let neighbors know that a parent supervised party has been planned.

When you are out-of-town ...
  • Set a “no party” rule for your house while you are gone.
  • Have a responsible adult stay at your house or ask a neighbor to keep watch.
  • Ask the police to drive by your house.
  • Tell your teen you asked the police to do this.

If your teen attends a party... 
Remind teens that their actions have real consequences.
Know where the party is being held and verify with an adult who will be supervising.
Make sure alcohol will not be served.

Find out how your teen is getting to and from the party.
Remind teens to never ride with anyone who’s been drinking or doing drugs.

Tell teens to check in with you first from a land line telephone if they plan to leave the party and go somewhere else.
Assure your teen that they can phone you anytime to be picked up.
Set and enforce a curfew.

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