We have changed our name from the NEW TRADITION COALITION to DRAW THE LINE LAWRENCE so it better fits our purpose and mission. We call on all community members to come together and DRAW THE LINE on underage drinking and drug use for a healthier and safer place to live.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Here is an interesting article from the "University Daily Kansan", Dec.7, 2009 about the culture of binge drinking on the KU Campus and our Lawrence community. It states that many of the incoming freshmen come to school with a binge drinking mentality. Visit the link below for the entire article. You will also find out more about the adolescent brain and binge drinking on this blog site.


Saturday, December 5, 2009


As a parent of a teenager, I'm often reminded how little I know these days. However, one thing I know well is that the busier my kids are, the less opportunity they have to get into trouble!

Join us Wednesday, December 16 from 6-7 PM, in the Free State High School library classroom for the next Lawrence Parents Group.

This month's Parents Group topic will focus on activities our kids have found and are involved with in Lawrence. I pLan to compile a list and post it on the New Tradition Coalition website and blog. I hope you will join us - it should be a fun discussion!

Please RSVP so I know how many parents to expect. Also, please continue to spread the word about our group. All parents are welcome!

For planning purposes, I would also ask that you put the following upcoming Parents Group meetings on your calendar:

Wednesday, January 27 - Among children and teens, it's a game that consists of getting "high" by causing themselves to pass out. It goes by several different names: "choking game", "pass out game", "fainting game", "dream game", "space monkey", "American dreaming game", "tingle game" or simply "black out." Whatever name it goes by in your neighborhood, the game kills. Protect your loved ones by finding out everything you can about this deadly game. Lawrence parent Carol Wilson will join us for this extremely important discussion. In the meantime, feel free to visit www.8thdayfoundation.org for more information.

Thursday, February 25 - I have received many requests to discuss kids' use of technology. Facebook, MySpace,Twitter, texting, sexting, etc etc etc -- there's a lot out there for parents to stay on top of, and it can be intimidating and overwhelming. I am partnering with a Lawrence police officer to present to you the latest and greatest information, tools, and techniques to help you navigate. It may be more than we can tackle in one meeting!

Wednesday, March 17 - Topic to be determined

Thursday, April 22 - Topic to be determined

If you have any questions please send me an email!


David Schieffer