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Monday, March 22, 2010


Some kids think that taking adderall helps them study and do well on tests. Researchers of 6,000 students showed 1 in 7 taking the drug off prescription.
Widely abused as a recreational drug. They're known on the street as Fatty Addy, A.D., Study Buddies, Ralls, Headlight Through Fog, Smart Pills, Beenies, Amps, A-Bombs, Addies, Poopy, Blue Buddies, Blue Betties, Orange Tic-Tacs (name used for the higher-dosage orange versions), Blue Dutchman, Candy, A Candy, Blue Boy, Jollies, Smurfs, Rinky Dink, Diet Coke, Davies (for their founder, Dave Herrington), Team Blue, Derallo, The A Train, A+ (in reference to its stimulant effect -- Ambien is often referred to as "A-", the reverse effect of Adderall). In some regions of the U.S. they are known as Railguns and "That'da Boy(s)" (from noted increase in productivity).

In some schools, junior high, high school and colleges, taking Adderall is known as Taking the A-Train, most likely inspired by the song "Take The A Train" by Duke Ellington. The 5 and 10 mg doses are also known in the northwest as "BBs", which is short for "Blueberries", named for their blue color. Heavier users tend to use the term "GBs", short for "goof balls". Some Adderall abusers crush and snort the 5 and 10 mg. pills, to experience a stronger "rush" and a more rapid onset of the drug's effects. This has led to the term "Smurf Snot," used to describe how the pills color one's mucus blue.

Ritalin, Dexedrine and adderall are all stimulants. Technical difference: Dexedrine and Adderall both contain amphetamine type stimulants where Ritalin contains a stimulant that is not an amphetamine. Dexedrine is made up of 1 amphetamine salt which is dextroamphetamine. Adderall is made up of 4 amphetamine salts, 1 of which is dextroamphetamine which makes up 25% of the Adderall pill. Ritalin usually requires a dosage similar to Adderall and twice that of Dexedrine to be effective.
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Apolo Anton Ohno Partners with The Century Council to Promote Ask, Listen, Learn Nationwide

Most Decorated U.S. Winter Olympian to Launch Apolo Anton Ohno Foundation; First initiative is a five-city tour to encourage kids to "say 'YES' to a healthy lifestyle and 'NO' to underage drinking.

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