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Monday, November 29, 2010


Remember the fried egg? ..."This is your brain on drugs." We were young then - maybe close to the age of our children now. The organization that put that campaign together is the "Partnership for a Drugfree America". It was around before there even was a world wide web. Today, they have a web site that helps parents every day.

The Partnership at Drugfree.org is a nonprofit organization that helps parents prevent, intervene in and find treatment for drug and alcohol use by their children. By bringing together renowned scientists, parent experts and communications professionals, we not only translate current research on teen behavior, addiction and treatment into easy to understand, actionable resources at drugfree.org, but we offer hope and help to the parents of the 11 million teens and young adults who need help with drugs and alcohol.

Their website allows parents to connect with each other, tap into expert advice and find support in their role as hero to their kids.

Suspect that your child is using alcohol or drugs? Check out this link and learn how to deal with it. Lots of great resources and ideas!


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