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Friday, July 9, 2010

Why Do Adults Condone Underage Drinking?

Are you sure there is active parental supervision at the homes where underage drinking is condoned? Are kids leaving the home drunk? Are the parents cutting kids off when they go beyond 'social drinking'? (1 drink per hour is the rate at which the liver can metabolize alcohol-the excess goes into the blood stream and causes inebriation)? Are they also allowing the risky behaviors that go on with teen drinking? Do they ask if the kids are predisposed to alcoholism due to genetics? Do they ask where the kids got the alcohol they are bringing in to the home? Do you ask yourself if it is a wise message to condone teens to break the law?
It is a fallacy that allowing underage drinking in your home is to keep kids safe. Research shows that adolescents may be more vulnerable to brain damage from excessive drinking than older drinkers. Alcohol impairs brain activity in the receptors responsible for memory and learning, and young people who binge drink could be facing serious brain damage today and increased memory loss in years to come. If one begins drinking at an early age, he/she is more likely to face alcohol addiction. Click on the following video link...

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