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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Marijuana #2 Drug Choice Among Teens in Douglas County

There are many signs of marijuana use to be aware of. We have listed numerous below to help in determining if someone you care for may be using marijuana.
Signs of Marijuana addiction: Paraphernalia, eye drops, air freshener, Dilated (large) pupils Cigarette rolling papers Seeds that have been cleaned from marijuana Smell on clothing, in room, or in car Bloodshot eyes Sleepy appearance Reduced motivation Pipes, bongs, homemade smoking devices (you may see sticky residue from burned marijuana)Anxiety Difficulty thinking Distorted sensory perceptions Dry mouth Euphoria (temporary feelings of elation, energy and limitless power) Feeling sluggish Grandiosity (acting in a pompous or boastful manner) Impaired judgment Impaired short-term memory Inappropriate laughter Increased heart rate Increased appetite, craving sweets Reduced coordination Temporary feelings of reduced anxiety or stress Sadness/depressed mood Sensation that time is passing slowly Social withdrawal and isolation Discolored fingers Sleepiness
Marijuana is usually smoked using cigarette rolling papers, a purchased water bong, or a makeshift bong that can be made from a variety of items. Hash can be smoked or eaten, and is sometimes cooked into baked goods. Generally it can be difficult to recognize the signs of marijuana addiction if you don't see the individual after smoking when they are still experiencing the effects of the drug.
Slang terms for marijuana: Weed, ganga, bud, IZM, jive stick, Kentucky blue, Ju-Ju (marijuana cigarette), kiff, kilter, Lakbay diva, laughing grass, light stuff, binky (cigarette), macon, magic smoke, blanket (cigarette), Mary and Johnny, Mary Jane, Mary Jonas, Mary Warner, Mary Weaver, meg, meggie, mow the grass (to smoke), moving the lawn (smoking marijuana), bowl, broccoli, budda, oboy, OJ, butter flower, pine, cannabis, Queen Ann's lace, root, rope, sasfras, sen, shrimp, siddi, crying weed, spliffy (cigarette), splim, dinkie dow, duros, tin (pipe made out of tinfoil, container), toke (to smoke), wheat, gage, gash, wooz, yeh, yellow submarine, zol, Greta, griff, grogged (extremely stoned), gungun, herb


jayhawk01 said...

This is a wonderful list of what to look for in someone that has been using marijuana. If used correctly (just because someone's eyes are red doesn't mean they ARE using the drug, it just happens when they do, which is different) it will help parents notice signs that their teenager might use the drug.

However, wouldn't it be a better dialogue to discuss why a teenager using marijuana is/is not harmful to them? Considering the change in stance toward the drug's adult usage in this country over the last decade or so, parents should be educated about its effects (not just symptoms) so that they do not end up sounding out of touch with the understanding of the reality of the drug rather than the silly, outdated, and racist propaganda that has been used by anti-drug agencies since the 1930s.

Anyone that has kept themselves educated rather than convincing themselves that "anything that is a 'drug' is bad, bad, bad" knows that marijuana is not even somewhat as harmful as advertisements by anti-drug agencies have made it seem. But should all parents go out and buy their teenagers some to use? Not exactly. The point is more to better understand the drug - and reading pamphlets/lists from anti-drug agencies doesn't fly due to overwhelming bias - and how it could affect your teenager. Acting like the usage of marijuana is akin to using a drug like heroin will only hurt everyone.

The New Tradition Coalition said...

You are exactly right about explaining what marijuana can do to the adolescent brain and growing body and is very important for parents to share witht heir kids. This link (one of many out there saying the same thing)explains how.