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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How well do you know your teen's friends?

How well do you know your teen’s friends? Quiz yourself to find out!
Knowing who your teen hangs out with is a window into their world. It helps keep you in the loop and may keep your teenager out of trouble. Here's a quick quiz that will help you explore what you know about your teen's friendships, how to support the good ones, and how to manage the bad ones. Don't think you can keep up with your teen's ever-changing friendships? There are lots of things that parents and caring adults can do to support positive friendships. Here are a few tips to get you started:

* Meet the parents Meeting the parents of your teen's friends is a great way to know more about their world and can help you keep up with what's going on.

* Be sure your teen hangs out where there is adult supervision. You should also be the parent supervisor now and then ... you will get to know more about your teen's friends, their interests, and their likes and dislikes. They'll see that you're involved, and -- believe it or not -- it will give them a sense of security. Being a parent, not a pal, will give you a lot of information about your teen's friends!

* Are you not too keen on some of their friends and struggling with ways to bring it up? Don't ignore it.Understanding why your teen chooses certain friends, spending time and energy to support those healthy friendships, and watching out for unhealthy friendships are all things you can do.

Take a quiz ang get some tips on how to support healthy teen friendships. Click on: http://www.drugfree.org/teenbrain/tools/pickyourbattles/friendships.html

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